Top One Property Agency Co., founded by Mr Lim Chuen the director, has been engaging in Tai Po’s village housing market for over 20 years. We are specialists of sales/purchase of sales/purchase of village houses, lands trading, development of New Territories small houses, reconstructions of old houses, project planning, as well as sales/purchase and leasing of various types of properties in Tai Po District. ,Our team members are village house experts in the area, all with over ten years of experience in agency of village houses in the area, having found dream homes for countless clients and suitable buyers for property owners in Tai Po. Thus, we have earned good reputation among and great support from all property owners in the area, which gives us abundant supply of village house listings for your best choices.

Our elite team will continue to uphold our high quality services and provide clients with the most up-to-date market information for reference so as to grasp the clearest picture of the most recent situation of village house market.

We also provide free mortgage referral services to various banks, property valuation and legal consultation services. Should you have any inquiries concerning properties, please feel free to call us and come to visit us at our office. We will do our best for you!